teaching [student work]

Thesis Project

Off The Floor - Student Thesis Project
[Sylvia Maffei]
The Sustainable Envelope

collage space within space

The Sustainable Envelope

weaving space weaving light

The Sustainable Envelope

green wall as bilboard . stretching interior space

Prefabricated Interior

cottage space - hierarchy and form

Interior Prefabricated Wall

cereal box and tissue box system . democratic design

The Prefabricated Interior Wall

Intrlocking felt system derived from the throwing star

Contemporary Design Issues

investigating biomimicry . shark skin technology and health care design

Interdisciplinary Cluster

Ideas for surviving a hot future . Waterbug desalination and filtration system

project co-coordinator


Chairs designed for fund raising for Family Advocacy Center [survivors of domestic violence]

Advisory Board Member and Critic




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